The Bullet Train “NOZOMI” Part4 Okayama-Shin Osaka – Osaka Video

Sanyo Shinkansen 500 series “Nozomi” operation Sorry for my poor translation
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  3. detibry says:

    warp factor 9……ENGAGE

  4. Jimbo898 says:

    Love the video, man I miss Shin Osaka, I love that train sation, probably my favorite in Japan. Wish my bro still lived there and I could go visit him.

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  8. AF401 says:

    The speed going through Shin-Kobe is 230 km/h

  9. Tubewings says:

    When was this video made?

    The reason I ask is because I think all Nozomi trains stop at Shin-Kobe nowadays.

  10. 055697 says:

    lol, a passenger pigeon (now extinct in the states)

  11. EdwinR890 says:

    lol the pigeon at 4:04 wants to get on board of the train too, HAHAHA!!!! XD (in case if youre wondering where the pigeon is, its on the lower left of your screen) anyways I want to ride this train, but i’m all the way here in U.S.A!! Damn I want to go to Japan really badly!!!!

  12. Abu260892 says:

    0:06 30 秒延通… means 30 seconds delay, not on schedule

  13. LakesideParkFC says:

    I guess JR West is not as rich as JR Central and JR East. This model is super expensive. A second generation, the “N500” series, would have to be more affordable and energy-efficient.

    They may ally with JR Kyushu and build a new type that can compete with air.

    I think JR East will try 360 km/h someday in the future. Tokyo – Sapporo is the most lucrative air market in Japan, and the Shinkansen (E7 series?) could be an alternative.

  14. LakesideParkFC says:

    Hokkaido? Go skiing and snowboarding!

  15. TravvyG says:

    although its a beatiful Train i do wish the companie would make a second generation of this model with the same dseign but with less wheels like the TGV and make it lighter and faster if possble and also make it so it can travel 360Km/h safely if it already doesnt and some other minor things ^_^

  16. TravvyG says:

    i must go to Japan one day. where is the best place for a Aussie to visit in Japan?

  17. curlymolly70 says:

    how dare you, hes a hard working asian : )

  18. POON3345 says:

    I wish to ride the bullet train ever I go to visit Japan one day.

  19. andyc225 says:

    A beautiful unit, but it must be annoying in the rain with those stubby wipers.

  20. jupiter1716 says:

    Not to mention “Translate server error” signs.

    Iie, dõitashimashite.

  21. AmersfoortTristan says:

    I thought so. Thus the absence of determiners and a different way of conjugating verbs creates the famous “Jenglish” or “Singlish” or the grammatical errors made by Chinese.

    Domo arigato 🙂 Thank you for the information.

  22. jupiter1716 says:

    True. Japanese doesn’t use determiners (like “a, the”), plurals, and don’t conjugate verbs the same way. Hence stuff like “You must buy license” in Japanese software, for example.

  23. AmersfoortTristan says:

    Starting around 2.20
    I notice that the train conductor has trouble pronouncing English – I have seen that with more Asians. They seem to have languages that have a different structure. I am quite sure that a Westerner that would learn f.i Japanese would also struggle with the pronunciation.


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