Osaka 2018 – Day 11 – Goeido v Shodai – Osaka Video

published: 2018-03-21 21:41:50

Ozeki Goeido (7-3) still needs one more win for his kachi-koshi. Can he get it here on Day 11 against M4 Shodai (5-5)?


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  1. Is he gonna jump to the side again!

  2. i have someone other than kisenosato to hate now, fuck goeido

  3. Jason, I always thumbs up your videos man, but not this though ! not a fan of tonchinoshin but after yesterday's bout I lost respect for Goeido's sumo. Keep up the good work and thx for your efforts

  4. Definitely Goeido making up for that terrible win over Tochinoshin, this is what we should be seeing from him

  5. Hi Jason. I notice a lot on Goeido’s replays that at the start of his bouts his second hand rarely actually makes contact with the floor. Is this allowed? Is it a false start? Looks like he jumps the gun always and gets an advantage. Is it cheating? Or just not very sportsmanlike? Thanks for the content, DT in Spain.

  6. LOL. Tochi’s face at 2:45.

    “Oh, NOW you’re gonna go toe-to-toe?!”

  7. Oseki sumo, nah bro that was clearly a matta (again)

  8. Goeido, with one hand down… Looks like he started too early!


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