Led Zeppelin – Live in Osaka, Japan (September 29th, 1971) – Ledsox Merge – Osaka Video

published: 2018-12-04 20:01:52

Special thanks to ledsox for this excellent project. Essentially, this is a merge of the new soundboard for this show with the Winston Remaster of the old multitrack source with two exceptions: It uses the soundboard sample of Black Dog from the Sept. 28th show in place of the version from the 29th since the quality is better. In addition, Immigrant Song has been patched with Plant’s wails from the Sept. 28th show as they are considered more powerful than the wails on the 29th.

Purists may very well dislike this, but personally, I think this is a really cool project and I’m happy he did it. It’s sort of a fantasy version of the September 29th show, along with a preview for how a Japan 1971 official release might sound.

Stairway had to be edited due to copyright.

Here are ledsox’s linear notes, edited by me to include the proper timestamps:

“Led Zeppelin – More Comedy, Less Work

9-29-71 Osaka – SB + Winston Merge (fixed)

0:00 – – Welcome To Osaka 929
1:30 – – Immigrant Song 929sb 928 wail fix edit
5:59 – – Heartbreaker 929sb
15:22 – – Since I’ve Been Loving You 929sb
23:57 – – Black Dog 928sb
31:29 – – Dazed and Confused 929sb patched

1:04:24 – – Stairway to Heaven 929sb
1:08:42 – – Celebration Day 929mt
1:14:36 – – That’s The Way 929mt
1:22:18 – – Going To California 929mt
1:32:51 – – Tangerine 929mt
1:37:46 – – Friends 929sb
1:41:55 – – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 929sb
1:42:24 – – What Is and What Should Never Be 929sb
1:47:42 – – Moby Dick 929sb patched edit

2:07:08 – – Whole Lotta Love 929mt
2:41:36 – – Communication Breakdown 929sb
2:49:22 – – Organ Solo 929mt
2:53:45 – – Thank You 929mt
3:01:53 – – Rock and Roll 929sb

sb – soundboard (speed corrected -2%)
mt – multi track stage recording (edited to completion with Plantations and various patches by Winston)

This is a merge of the newly released soundboard, previously released stray soundboards and the excellent remaster done by Winston.

Besides the speed correction on the SB portion there are a few small fixes to clean up some very minor sloppiness in the performance. Moby Dick is not quite complete but about 90% there. Black Dog is from the 28th (for the SB).

SB levels were brought down in order to level match and for headroom. Very minor eq and limiting was applied and only in spots to get more cohesion in sound.

What an amazing Zeppelin concert performance. Thanks to the great work by Winston (he really pulled great sound from his sources) and the sharers of these soundboard recordings. This is not meant to be definitive, just cranked.


Watch the original Osaka Video here

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  1. Thanks again for 2,000 subscribers guys! Really appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Dude! I'm the one who just messaged you on reddit recently! I was asking for the download link for Sept 29th '71 show, I'm wondering, is this the link you sent me? Or is it purely the 929 show? Thanks man!

  3. Communication Breakdown rocks. Bonzo sounds so loud!

  4. I would go all the way to Japan right now just to watch John Bonham play Moby Dick,OMG. I think Led Zeppelin Boots should get The Samurai Warrior Award for this one.

  5. This is exactly what i was looking for for this show. I was disappointed with the new release and i thought it sounded dull, but here it sound perfect, immigrant song edit is amazing

  6. 何コレ?!スゴいクオリティ!!

  7. Man thanks so much!!!! This is my all time favorite led zeppelin show and how the west was won in second

  8. Cada vez que suben un recital de escucha mejor dazed and confused el tema de led zeppelin y escalera al cielo el rock nunca va a morir y adios me voy a fumar un pito para escuchar dasez and confused

  9. This channel is a gift to humanity

  10. wow!! When Giants Walked the Earth

  11. This is amazing. Will there ever be a SB release for the missing tracks??

  12. They always start with Immigrant Song at the 71 and 72 shows. They stop doing it after 72 due to Plant. For me it’s their best number.

  13. Wow ! Excellent job !! Thank you from South America !!!


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