YCS Osaka WAS INSANE! 3000 Duelists, 7 Rounds of Swiss!? SUBTERROR WINS!?! – Osaka Video

published: 2019-05-15 00:37:20

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YCSJ Osaka 2019

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Watch the original Osaka Video here

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  1. Someone needs to make a how to beat subterror video already. Subterror has been sneaking tops consistently since savage strike yet the tcg yugitubers are still sleeping on the deck

  2. Wow only single games? I would be upset to get knocked out by Gandora ftk…

  3. 7 rounds of Swiss is way too few for 3,000+ players. That combined with single game rounds kind of boggles my mind. Not going to bash them for it, but it is certainly a much different experience and mindset you have to have for this type of tournament.

  4. Ocg has so much more draw power, max c, pot of avarice, affordable extravagance, that’s probably a big factor in why control is doing well

  5. Thanking Konami that we don’t have Maxx C


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